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High performance 18 month bull for sale
(retaining 1/4 semen interest only) AF Kingdom 1614 pictured 08/31/2017 at 16 1/2 months old fresh out of 60 days in the breeding pasture. Kingdom had a birth weight of 96#, adj 205 day weight of 821#, adj 365 day weight of 1386# on test at Green Springs Bull test near Nevada, MO. On test he had an adg of 4.46#/day, rea of 12.83 sq in, marbling of 3.31, scrotal cir of 36.5 cm, pelvic area of 190 sq cm, dry matter conversion of 5.97# feed/# gain (across breed ratio of 127.9), RFI of (-3.00) across breed ratio of 109. His 12 year old dam had an average nursing ratio of 113 and an average calving interval of 368 days on 11 calves. Kingdom's pedigree link: http://www.herfnet.com/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=3E3F292A&2=2434&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=5A5D5A5A5827212423&9=5B5A5027
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John Alexander
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2756 S. Donmyer
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Gypsum, KS 67448
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