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18 month old Hereford bull
Selling 3/4 interest and full possession on this bull. He has been one of our favorites, ever since he hit the ground. I find him to be the complete package; he has the muscle mass and shape you love to see, and combines it, with all the balance and structural correctness you could want. I feel this bull is safe to use on heifers and can benefit any operation, whether you plan on selling calves at weaning or want to create replacement heifers. This bull had an actual weaning weight of 650lbs and an actual yearling of 1100lbs. Hes still growing and isnt being pushed hard. He is sired by MCR bluestem 977 a high calving ease bull who still has plenty performance. I would use this bull in my own herd, unfortunately he is too closely related to my cow herd. However, I would like to have the opportunity to purchase him back later on down the road when you want to sell him hence the reason for the 3 / 4 interest. Feel free to contact us as we would love to make an impact in your operation
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Bruce Schlickau
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14601 S McNew Rd
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Hutchinson, KS 67501
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GS Standard Blue pictured at 1 year
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